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The Vice Principal's Message

Today, I am delighted and honoured to unveil the soul-stirring commitment of Sanskar World School in creating a wise blend of academics, physical vitality, discipline, and values, in the cherished spirit of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020).

1 Our journey at Sanskar World School is a tapestry woven with passion and reverence, resonating with the words of Albert Einstein, who once wrote, "Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think." These words echo our mission - shaping students into multifaceted thinkers, constantly seeking solutions and gaining knowledge as a lifelong companion.

"At Sanskar World School, we are nurturing it as a place of intellect, physical resilience, steadfast discipline, and timeless values. It is a tribute to our strong belief in the harmonious balance of these facets as they harmonize the symphony of a fulfilled life."

As we continue this melodic journey, we extend an open invitation to parents, teachers, and the community to join us in fine-tuning this harmonious balance. Together, we shall nurture the saplings of wisdom and character, ensuring that they blossom into the leaders and visionaries the world desperately craves.

May all the days of year be filled with the holistic education, and may our collective endeavours be the melodious notes in the song of enlightenment and values for our students.

Warmest regards,
Sunita Dhawan
Sanskar World School