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The school is divided into sub units called houses and each student is allocated one house at the time of enrolment. This encourages congeniality and a healthy competition among students. The house system helps in developing a sense of identity and belongingness among the students towards their community and allows them to develop skills and talents in a wide range of activities through various inter house competitions conducted throughout the academic session.

  1. Akash- means sky which is vast- ‘Anant’ or limitless. It inspires the students to explore their infinite potential.
  2. Agni- means fire, the basic essential of life and has been a proof of our evolution and a source of lot of innovation through ages. It inspires our students to be useful for others in one way or the other just like the fire is useful.
  3. Prithvi-means earth and it represents strength, stability, patience and warmth. It motivates our students to exhibit these qualities.
  4. Jal- means the water element which is present in various forms around us as a lake, river or sea. It is the “Nectar of life” and inspires the student to let love, joy and understanding flow in their life and relationship without any efforts. It teaches them flexibility and adaptation too.