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The Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

1 It is both an honour and privilege to head this beautiful institution. Along with a highly spirited team of teachers, I am on a path to translate a vision into reality. The vision of creating global citizens.

Thanks to the new age technology, the world has shrunken to a global village. Boundaries now exist only on maps. It's an era of interdependence where one cannot survive without the other.

Today's child needs to accept the diversity of cultures, race, faith, and colour.

The education imparted should be all encompassing. We need to raise a generation that considers the planet as its home. We are the denizens of Earth. An environmentally conscious, peace loving, empathetic, multi-lingual and progressive child shall go a long way in contributing to this world.

A Sanskarite understands the feeling of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" – the world is one family.

We are witnessing some unprecedented times that shall go down the history. The pandemic may have tied everyone to homes, but brought out unforeseen human sympathy, creativity and resourcefulness.

Therefore, let us brave it out together and bring out the best in every child who enters the huge gates of Sanskar World School.

With much optimism
Anju Roy